In a fun stimulating learning environment, students will be inspired by history, the world around them and create art. Let the field trip come to you. You save time and the cost of the bus.

Choose instruction in English or French (A perfect opportunity to advance English or French as a second language)

Self contained interactive lessons Short or long term projects can be developed to meet specific class needs and curriculums.

For past projects and other ideas see

All Ages   All materials included   Cost: $175.00 (+ tax)

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1) First Nations People of Canada:

Create a legend with images. A story has a hero,a villain,a setting and a conflict. It has a beginning,middle and an end.

Be inspired by a traditional tale.

Create your own visual story and share it with your friends.

Don`t forget your name and the title.

2) Magical Creatures:Creation of an imaginary clay animal.

There are so many species of animals that surround us.

Create your own imaginary clay animal. Emphasis on form, pattern and your animal`s unique power.

3) What Makes Me, Me? - Metal embossing

Heraldry is the science and art of describing coats-of-arms,which were originally used in the Middle-Ages to distinguish participants in battle.

Using symbols to describe themselves,the students will create an embossed metal colored personal crest.

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